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Extreme Australia

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Episode # 7 in the Richard Bangs Adventures series on Yahoo took place in Australia with extreme as the theme. Australian native and well known adventure photographer Jonathan Chester was our guide for the episode and we followed him across the continent. Our ultimate destination was the Phillips Island nature Preserve where Chester would photograph the littlest penguins as they came ashore under the moonlight.

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Hands down this was one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done. We posted our itinerary on Yahoo’s trip planner. The highlight was heli-rafting the raging Johnstone River. As you might imagine a helicopter brought us in and took us out, but the most awesome part was filming the rafting action from the chopper. The canyon was pretty tight but the pilot skillfully manuevered the chopper to get me close into the action. With my headset and boom mic on I would communicate to the pilot things like, “cruise medium speed up to that rapid timing it so we arrive right as the boats are in the middle, then rotate 90 degrees to the left and dip slightly to get a top shot of the boats.” Or calling audibles during the filming like, “ok, follow that raft keeping the bird in the same position.”