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Yahoo! News Underground, old

I’m happy to report that I can keep one less secret from all of you. I’ve been combing the subcultures of America (at least the ones with a Los Angeles presence until the travel budget is beefed up) shooting, producing, and essentially building a small archive of content for a new channel on Yahoo News site. This new channel is called Yahoo News Underground and it officially launched last week. Some of the subcultures we covered so far include SciFi Fandom, Gay Rodeo, Tribute Bands, Import Scene (Drifting), Krumping, Bollywood Dance Competions, Rocketry, Art Cars, Seduction Community, and Graffiti Artists.Picture_7

It’s way different than probably anything you’ve seen. The on camera host, sings the voice overs and narration in much of the videos, which also has a custom produced soundtrack with original lyrics. The creator of the concept, Brad Miskell, got the project underway last year and I joined the crew sometime thereafter. Miskell who started the whole thing as a one man band, or SoJo as the acronym goes, has been around the block more than once. In addition to the video pieces that we both work on, Brad will a write a couple of feature articles on each subculture which is seriously entertaining and informative. On the still image side, there is a slideshow which is a combination of frame grabs and actual photos. I don’t expect everyone will get it, but take a look at this wackier side of entertainment and let me know what you think.

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