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Interviewing President Bush

On May 6th at 11am I found myself face to face with one of the most controversial figures in modern history and the leader of the free world, as part of Yahoo! News’ in-house crew conducting the first exclusively online interview with a siting president at the White House. President Bush (aka dubya) was the guest of honor. Mike Allen from Politico asked the questions. Our Yahoo! News camera crew included Geoff Nelson, Brad Williams, Jon Brick, and myself.

We started with a short walk and talk in the oval office and then finished the interview in the Roosevelt room. Lots of local and national media (TV, print, and online) picked up the story. David Letterman used it in his monologue and Jon Stewart ran with it on his Daily Show.

As far as shoots go it was pretty routine; set up the cameras, lights, mics, etc…. What wasn’t routine was the opportunity to roll the cameras on something that had the potential to make national or even worldwide news. And sure enough “the boss”, as his staff affectionately call him, did not disappoint. Portions of the interview were picked up by all the major networks, but the highlight was the controversy that erupted over his seemingly benign comment about why he stopped golfing which caused MSNBC’s Keith Oberman to go ballistic.

Why he stopped golfing

MSNBC’s Keith Oberman

After the interview was over, our crew hunkered down in a conference room in Washington DC, chopped the footage in snackable clips, which were published immediately. Very little editing was actually done other than adding some photos and b-roll here and there. We did not touch Bush’s answers. We did not edit for brevity. What you see is exactly how it went down.

Here are all the clips. Bush’s “Dr. Evil” impression is getting some great play around the net (some might say it went viral).

Screen grabThese links take you to the Yahoo Video Player and once you are there you can browse all the clips without having to come back to this post.

Bush does ‘Dr. Evil’

“I’ll consider” gas tax holiday

Global warming “is real”

“America doesn’t torture”

Why not pull out of Iraq?

Was Bush misled on Iraq?

Why he stopped golfing

The Middle East: What’s at stake

Father of the bride

Bush’s Dream Team

‘Assure fans like me’

Who will win on ‘Idol’?

The full interview

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