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PROJECT: In the Fall of 2008 and in the heat of the presidential election Yahoo! News produced a slate of original content. Groundbreaking interactive video format where users selected and pitted candidates against each other. Considered the 1st online presidential debate in history. Published on Yahoo! News. Some of the standout pieces were our interviews with all the candidates, an interview with President Bush, and an interview with Secretary of State Condolezza Rice. Coordinating the back to back satellite interviews for the Yahoo! Pulling off these groundbreaking interactives required a huge team of people.

MY ROLES: Senior Producer. Editor of Sizzle Reels, Bumpers, Trailers, Debate Video Clips, Satellite Interviews.

SITE: Click to enlarge.

Yahoo! News Debate Teaser – 2008 Presidential Election from Didrik Johnck on Vimeo.

Mac or PC? Favorite Movie? from Didrik Johnck on Vimeo.

Ann Coulter – Hot or Not? from Didrik Johnck on Vimeo.

Hillary Clinton Wildcard Clip from Didrik Johnck on Vimeo.

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