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10+ years experience in producing award-winning interactive content and experiences. Expertise with complex projects requiring contributions from multiple disciplines and staff including content, visual and interface design, engineering/web development, legal, biz dev, ad sales, and analytics.

I began my career as a photojournalist. In the mid-90s I rode the dot-com wave in San Francisco where my career path transitioned and focused into creating, original, media driven “armchair travel” experiences for online audiences. Hands on role in the production of 300+ webisodes so far. My unique content driven background provides a well-rounded perspective when assessing the role/goals of content strategy. Experience balancing competing needs and resources for high visibility projects with blue-chip advertisers, celebrity talent, and global brands. Management of the overall production life cycle, concept to development, budgeting and staffing, media acquisition and licensing, to hands-on production. From concept development, to client pitches, and progress reporting, I’ve worked closely with clients ensuring needs are met.

While mountain climbing has always been a passion for me and has led to countless shoots in some of the most remote and wild mountain ranges on the planet, I’ve also has spent my fair share of time in the trenches of civilized society looking for the untold stories of human drama that surround us every day.

BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT CLIENTS: Yahoo!, MSNBC, MSN, Microsoft, Quaker, Sony, Casio, Travelocity, Ford Motor Co., Travel New Zealand, Swiss Tourism, India Tourism, Road & Track, Dunkin, Allegra/Aventis, Mountain Hardwear, National Federation of the Blind
SKILLS/EXPERIENCE: Content Strategy, Live Action Shooting & Productions, Still Photo Shooting & Productions, Branded Entertainment.  Social Media, Content Crowdsourcing/UGC, Project Scoping and Budgeting. Product and Project Management. Team Building and Resource Management. Directing, Shooting, Editing, Scripting, Casting. Lighting and Sound. Live Events.